A special thank you for the stimulating discussions and collaborations we had with these insightful individuals and teams. We are proud to see that there is such a great number of professionals involved in the fight for sustainable healthcare.

We are glad to feature a small number of McGill-affiliated clinical sites’ green teams and their projects.


Jewish General Hospital (JGH)

At the JGH, the Director (Georges Bendavid) and Associate Director (Michael Boudana) of technical services work hand-in-hand with Frédérique Binette (APPR CIUSSS West-Central and CLSC Parc-Extension) for effective leadership of their sustainability committee. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ongoing initiatives in the CIUSSS West-Central lead by Mrs. Binette.

  1. Projet d’efficacité énergétique: 47 mesures réparties dans 9 établissements du CIUSSS.
  2. Réutilisation et recyclage (incluant les appareils électroniques, piles, appareils biomédicaux et autres, lorsque possible).
  3. Transport: mesures pour encourager le transport actif, communautaire ou électrique et le covoiturage.
  4. Politique, comité et plan d’action de développement durable: création d’un Fonds vert.
  5. Agriculture urbaine avec patients (ex. centre MAB-Mackay).

Contact info: frederique.binette.dlm@ssss.gouv.qc.ca / mboudana@jgh.mcgill.ca


Vanessa D’Aquila, recipient of the 2021 Stephanie Davis Waste Reduction Award and Scholarship, formed a Pediatric Intensive Care unit (PICU) Green Team and advocates for planetary health at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH).

“My interest in waste reduction, and planetary health really developed after mingling with Ms. Fiona Hanley, Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE) Representative, at McGill’s Nursing Explorations Conference in 2018. When I heard of the concept of “Green Teams” in healthcare, I knew that this was an idea I wanted to propose to my nursing supervisors. With Fiona as my mentor, I knew that nurses had the voices and social influence to promote effective changes regarding planetary/environmental health into their immediate and global environments. I understood how nurses’ role in addressing climate change could also impact the health of our patients (and all of us as part of the public!).

While working at the hospital, I realized that there was much more to be done in terms of promoting less waste, consumption, and recycling initiatives, etc. I am currently studying at McGill University in a MSc Nursing Service Administration stream with the goal to implement environmentally responsible nursing across managerial roles one day. I know that nurse managers have a crucial role in supporting professional development, but also in improving their workers’ environments (e.g. by being supportive and increasing accessibility to resources).”

Vanessa D’Aquila and her Green Team at the MCH’s PICU help reduce paper consumption, better divide recyclable materials and raise awareness on the importance of recycling through various initiatives. In 2020, she even received encouragement from the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec.

Feel free to contact her for more details, or if you are interested in starting your own green team!

Contact info: vanessa.daquila@mail.mcgill.ca

Dr. Jean Zigby, md, cm, ccfp (PC)

See Dr. Zigby’s introductory video to his passion and his work by clicking on the image above.

Dr. Jean Zigby is a family and palliative care physician with a broad practice base including breastfeeding, perinatal and home care. He was trained at McGill University and is currently teaching at the Jewish General Hospital and the CLSC Cote-des-Neiges in Montreal. He has practiced in hospital, clinic, rural and home-based environments for over 15 years in the province of Québec. He is the co-founder of the not-for-profit business Synergie Santé Environment (SSE), an organization which works with healthcare institutions to improve their environmental impacts in Quebec. He is the past president of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE). Dr. Zigby is also very involved and passionate in greening healthcare as a member of the JGH team. 

Contact info: (514) 340-8222 ext 22845 (JGH Division of Palliative Care)

McGill Nurses for Planetary Health (MNPH)

MNPH advocates for environmentally and socially responsible care at the McGill Ingram School of Nursing and its community.

Vanessa D’Aquila is an MScN Representative in the MNPH group and advocates for planetary health.

Contact info: MNPH Facebook page


Our team is grateful for the ongoing support, guidance and mentorship from members of these organizations that are paving the way in the fight for an environmentally sustainable healthcare. 


CAPE is a Canadian non-profit organization that regroups physicians, allied health professionals, and citizens committed to a healthy and sustainable environment.

“CAPE takes action to enable health for all by engaging with governments, running campaigns, conducting research, and drawing media attention to key issues. We collaborate with other organizations, nationally and internationally, to work effectively and build power together. We support physicians to be advocates for healthier environments and ecosystems.”

The Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment / Association d”infirmieres et infirmiers pour l”environnement (CANE/AIIE) represents Nurses dedicated to the improvement of environmental health across all domains of nursing practice, policy, research and education. Nurses include all practicing nurses (registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or equivalent, psychiatric nurses, and nurse practitioners). An Associate group of the Canadian Nurses Association, CANE works to:

  1. Facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer based on environmental health principles and nursing best practices;
  2. Support evidence-based environmental health practice;
  3. Influence policy development and legislation to support environmental nursing practice;
  4. Promote educational and research opportunities for nurses.

The CCGHC aims to achieve an environmentally sustainable, climate resilient, net zero Canadian health system by enabling individuals and organizations to develop green health policies and practices though environmental stewardship campaigns, challenges, educating, building and
leveraging relationships and communities of practice.

“Together with our Stewardship Council members, staff, Interns, volunteers and supporters across Canada, the Coalition provides a virtual platform for the sharing of ideas and resources; we lend support to those seeking to build a stronger, healthier and more sustainable health service delivery system and we strive to improve access to best practice information, innovative goods and services that offer a clear environmental advantage to users within the sector, and provide a venue for stakeholders to work together to reduce health care’s environmental impact.”

You are a healthcare professional, a student, or have experience in the fields of sustainability and healthcare? Feel free to share your experience with us, or simply introduce your initiative to be featured on our platform and to collaborate!